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Contact Victor Aguilar for locksmith service and queries. Victor Aguilar is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. He has 25 years of experience as a commercial locksmith.

We charge the same price day or night, rich or poor, near or far!

Victor J. Aguilar is bonded and insured against theft or damage.

Commercial Locksmith has a flat rate for common jobs such as opening a car or house, or rekeying a house or business - see the price list below. My posted prices are the total cost. There are no hidden fees, no BS about how I am going to examine your locking mechanism to determine how hard (and expensive) it is to open – they are all easy for me.

Commercial Locksmith provides quality locksmith work and lockout service for Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy and Arizona City. Additional $10 charge for the trip to Florence or Maricopa City.

Price List More...
Trip Charge (Anytime) $40
Open a Vehicle (Plus Trip Charge) $0
Open a House (Plus Trip Charge) $20 / door
Rekey a House or Business (Plus Trip Charge) $9 / cylinder
(If you have a double-cylinder deadbolt, that would count twice.)
Specials! Specials! Specials!
Replace a lever on a steel door with a panic bar on the inside and a lever on the outside. This makes the door a fire exit. $500 parts, $100 labor, including the trip charge.
Install a door closer on a steel door. $50 parts, $100 labor, including the trip charge.
Install a 1200-pound magnetic lock, a touch-sensitive panic bar and a switch at the receptionist's desk. $500 parts, $250 labor, including the trip charge.
We charge the same prices in the evening and can meet you when you come home from work.

Commercial Locksmith is the only Casa Grande locksmith that does not raise their prices in the evenings and on the week ends. If you live in Casa Grande and are looking for a locksmith, you do not have to check your watch to know what our prices are for standard locksmith jobs.

There are no weasel words (e.g. "as low as" or "starting at") in our price list. Commercial Locksmith charges the same prices to all Casa Grande residents, rich or poor, any time of day or night.

Casa Grande residents: Commercial Locksmith wants to be your locksmith for life!

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